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My Journey

For me, life has been a journey physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I grew up on a farm in Georgia, lived many years in the Florida Keys, a stint in North Atlanta, and have called Asheville home since 2014.  With each turn along the way, there has been growth and healing.  

My career for more than 20 years was in upscale dining and the service industry.  Additionally, I worked in a chiropractic office for a few years as well.  Being in a physically intensive career, massage therapy became a necessity for me.  I have had the privilege of receiving bodywork from many highly-skilled therapists.  Massage therapy did and still does facilitate my ability to work in an intensely physical environment as well as maintain an active lifestyle.

Along the journey, there have been many personal and emotional life changes as well.  In these ups and downs, I experienced a great deal of healing, stress relief, and balance by receiving various modalities of therapeutic massage.  

After a lengthy layoff due to COVID-19 and much contemplation, I decided that this was the catalyst for me to make a career path change.  In order to have the means for this reinvention, I sold my home and took the next turn onto this leg of the journey.

Enrolling in the full emersion program at WNC School of Massage here in Asheville allowed me to receive my degree in Massage Therapy while waiting out the pandemic.  The degree program included a full certification in Neuromuscular Therapy.  Additionally, I am currently in my advanced levels of study in Elemental CranioSacral Work, which I am integrating into my practice to affect different systems of the body that contribute to deeper healing than soft tissue manipulation alone.

At this point in life, it feels great to say, “I love what I do!”. Working with others to initiate healing and to empower their bodies to heal is my true purpose, for which I am truly grateful.

My approach to therapeutic massage is intuitive and integrative.  Whether issues are being expressed as pain, injury, stress, or imbalance, my intent is to treat the body and all of its systems as a whole, Mind-Body-Spirit.  Working with each person’s individual needs and goals to facilitate healing by utilizing an intuitive approach and integrated blend of various techniques allows the body to be more receptive and responsive to the therapy.

Whether it be to heal from pain and injury, improve function and well-being, relax on a day off, provide an escape to a healing oasis, or enjoy a massage session on a much-needed vacation, I look forward to working with you.

Stephanie Wright

LMBT #19593

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